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Note: You need at least one pair of Switcheroos to control a light. Only order the single unit if you already have at least a pair and want to add to your existing configuration.

Switcheroo is Designed For:

  • Easy home lighting reconfiguration.
  • Simple implementation, with no need for a smartphone app, pairing, or complicated setup.
  • Use without WiFi, so that your lighting is not dependent on your internet working.

With Switcheroo, You Can:

  • Use multiple channels to have various configurations around your house.
  • Use your existing wall switches and timers to activate a series of lights.
  • Avoid expensive and intrusive home-rewiring.
  • Extend your existing smart-home devices at a fraction of the cost.
  • Turn on all of your holiday lighting with one switch/timer.

Switcheroo Features:

  • A sleek design that does not block the outlet above or below.
  • A simple dial for configuration of send or receive mode, as well as channel selection.
  • A clever recessed edge to prevent accidental configuration changes.
  • An all-analog configuration process, so that Switcheroo can be set up before you plug it in and then neatly tucked behind furniture.
  • Two outlets (one on each side) so that you can plug in multiple lights without an additional adapter.