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Switcheroo is a product born out of necessity. About 3 years ago, Switcheroo's founder, Mike Neilson, was trying to figure out a way to have all of the lamps in his living room turn on together, without running extension cords. Calling an electrician was out of the question -- the cost and obtrusiveness of having to re-run wiring behind the walls is nightmarish. Mike wanted a better option.

After way too much time spent searching online for a product that met his needs, Mike came up empty-handed. If this didn't exist already, then the mission was clear: make it.

So Mike applied to AlphaLab Gear, one of the top hardware accelerator programs in the country, located in Pittsburgh, PA, and got to work. Now, just a few years, and many many hours of development, design and testing, Switcheroo is ready to ship.

Switcheroo ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that ended in February, 2017. The campaign raised over $29k and got commitments for nearly 1,000 units, proving that Mike is not alone in his desire to fix his home lighting without Wi-Fi, smartphone apps, complicated pairing/setup processes, or busted up walls.

It is time to fix your home lighting! Order Switcheroo today.