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What is a switched outlet?

An outlet in your house controlled by a light switch. Turn the light switch on, and the power to the outlet is on, turn it off, and the power is off. Odds are, you have one somewhere in your house.

How do I use Switcheroo?

Simply plug a Switcheroo into your switched outlet, and then another Switcheroo into as many outlets that you want to turn on and off with your existing switch. Set them to the same channel and you are done. Or, use different channels for multiple configurations around your house. Switcheroo only uses two prongs (ungrounded), so it is ideal for lighting uses in both new and older homes.

When can I buy Switcheroo?

The Switcheroo Kickstarter campaign just wrapped up, but don't worry, you didn't miss the boat! Sign up to be notified when pre-orders are available on

How does Switcheroo differ from all of the other smart home light control apps?

First and foremost, Switcheroo does not require a clunky app to turn your lights on and off. The devices are stand-alone, and all configuration (what little there is) takes place on the devices themselves. That means that if your WiFi goes out or your password changes, Switcheroo continues to work.

Will Switcheroo work with my existing smart-home devices, timers, etc?

Yes! Switcheroo works on any powered outlet, regardless of how it is powered. That means that you can plug Switcheroo into a timer, use it with existing smart outlets, and configure it however you like to manage your home lighting.

Will it work anywhere in my house?

Yes! Switcheroo is designed to work in the majority of typical households, regardless of size.


  • Internet Free

    No Wifi or Internet needed to operate.

  • App Free

    Take your phone with you, and not your lights.

  • Plug and Play

    Plug in, select a channel, set to send or receive and flick your switch.

  • Multiple Devices

    Scalable to allow for as many devices as you would like on one switch.