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The long wait is finally over. If you backed Switcheroo on Kickstarter (first of all, thank you!), you can pick up your reward in person at the party (or, of course, we can mail it out if you can't make it).

If you didn't back Switcheroo on Kickstarter, but want to get in on the action, we will have two and five packs for sale at the event.

This is a way for us to thank our backers and supporters and share in the excitement of turning Switcheroo from an idea on the back of a napkin into a real thing. It has been a lot of work with tons of help from so many people here in Pittsburgh and around the world.

Event Registration

For those on Facebook, there is a public event that you can find here to RSVP, just so we have a good idea of a head count:


For those who choose not to share their cat photos with Zuck, there is also an Eventbrite page set up (again, just to have a head count):


Either one is fine, just so we know you are coming.

We will have some food and refreshments. This is a very casual event, so feel free to drop in for a bit or stay the whole time. No need to don a black tie or fancy dress; just come dressed in whatever you prefer. Kids are welcome. Contact me with any questions.


There is a big lot right next to AlphaLab Gear that always has spots, in addition to the street parking around the area that is generally available in the evenings as well, so parking should not be a problem.