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Kickstarter Launched!

The Switcheroo Kickstarter has launched. Full details available in the press release below:

New Product Offers Innovative Solution for Home Lighting Needs

Switcheroo, a simple way to rewire your home without running a single wire, is now on Kickstarter.

Pittsburgh-based start-up company Switcheroo announced today the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the funds needed to take their novel product from handmade fully-functional prototypes into mass-produced units.

Switcheroo solves a common household problem in which a wall switch turns on an outlet somewhere in the room, but not the outlet that the homeowner prefers it to activate. Switcheroo allows the user to easily change which outlets are controlled by existing switches, or to turn on a group of outlets with a single switch,  without the need for smartphone apps and without having to re-run any wiring.

Switcheroo was founded in 2015 by Mike Neilson, who says, “So-called ‘smart home’ solutions for home lighting are often over-complicated and can become frustrating to use in many situations. The beauty of our product is in it's simplicity. Minimum set-up is required, it doesn’t depend on wifi or a smart phone, and once it is in place will work seamlessly, essentially unnoticed to the user.”

Mike had been working on the idea in his spare time until Fall of 2015, when he was accepted into one of the top hardware accelerator programs in the country, AlphaLab Gear. At that point, Mike focused full-time on developing Switcheroo, working with electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and industrial designers to create a fully-formed prototype.

New Website Launched!

Welcome to the new home of Switcheroo! A great product needs a great website, so we are pleased to show off the new and improved Switcheroo.com. 

If you are looking to solve your home lighting automating issues without complicated WiFi setup, unnecessary smartphone apps, ugly extension cords, or the mess of re-wiring your house, look no further than Switcheroo.